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Our Services

  • repair of large electric motors and DC generators;
  • engineering of customer-built large electrical machines and controlled-velocity electric drives;
  • production of large electrical machines for power units of electric generating stations, excavators, rolling mills based on the cooperation agreements and joint production with electrical engineering enterprises of Ukraine;
  • repair, installation, setting up of electrical equipment of electric generating stations, metallurgical plants, mineral mining enterprises;
  • implementation of engineering developments in the sphere of electrical machines and energy-saving technologies jointly with foreign companies;
  • supply, supervision installation and maintenance of electrical and power equipment in the CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Asia;
  • manufacture of spare parts for electrical machines;
  • integrated modification of turbo-generators with a capacity of 200, 300 and 500 MW with powerup and service life extension;
  • repair of turbo- and hydro-generators, large electrical machines;
  • upgrading of existing equipment with introduction of new technologies;
  • marketing and development of new business activities;
  • development of design and technological documentation;
  • preparation of business plans, search for potential investors, preparation of documents for participation in tenders of various branches of the economy;
  • search and invitation of partners for establishment of joint enterprises;
  • service maintenance of electrical equipment of electric generating stations, rolling mills, walking excavators, drilling rigs;
  • development of regional plans for energy saving.