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The Joint Stock Company « Inter-Regional Electrical Power-Engineering association ELTA »

is a private Ukrainian company established in 1991.

President - Oleksandr Lazarevich Livshyts, a PhD of Technical Sciences, a winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology, an author of more than two hundred scientific works and more than fifty patents.

The company specializes in supply of turbo-generators, high-power electric motors, generators, turbine equipment, converters and their spare parts.

The Company provides service, engineering and consulting services for the electric power industry, metal works and mining industry. It also provides the development of construction and technological documentation, servicing, spare parts supply, technical supervision, repairs, modernization and adjustment of the electrical equipment; turbogenerators testing.

Among the realized projects there are resource extension and power increase modernization of the TGV-200, TGV-200M and TGV-300 turbogenerators at the power plants in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

We perform service, engineering and consulting activities in electrical power engineering, metallurgical and mining industries; provide services in development of design and technical documentation, maintenance, supply of equipment units and spare parts, supervision installation, repairs, modernization and setting up of power and electrical engineering equipment; carry out complex tests of turbo-generators.

A team of the Joint-Stock Company “Electrical Power Engineering Association “ELTA” (hereinafter referred to as ELTA) is interested in extension of cooperation with new partners. In prospect participation in energy saving programs and investment projects.

Our achievements